Pioneering Institutional DeFi

Umami Labs partners with DAOs to help them create institutional-grade, regulatory compliant DeFi products tailored to the traditional financial sector.

Professionalizing the DAO ecosystem

Professionalizing The DAO Ecosystem

Umami Labs helps DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) reach their full potential with its end-to-end suite of professional services in areas including strategy, operations, product development, marketing and more.

Marketing Campaigns
Community Management
Talent Sourcing
Treasury Management
Product Design
Business Development
Legal Advisory

Advancing Decentralization

Umami Labs is committed to the ethos of decentralization and firmly believes that DAOs should remain community governed. While Umami Labs supports its DAO partners in every way, it never seeks to control them.

advancing decentralization

Each of Umami Labs’ DAO partners has its own legal entity, such as a Cayman Islands-based DAO Foundation, to represent the interests of its community. DAOs work with Umami Labs through non-binding services agreements that fully preserve their autonomy.

Institutional-Grade DeFi Yields

Our experienced team incubates some of the most innovative protocols in the DeFi ecosystem. Learn more about the DAOs bringing DeFi to the institutional market.

Our Partners


The UMAMI Labs Team

Anonymous or not, we recruit the best talent in DeFi to join our core team

Alex O

Alex O

Chief Executive Officer



Branding Advisor

Umami's CEO Alex O'Donnell at DeFiCon August 12th 2022

Hear Alex talk in-depth about the #RealYield trend, how we plan to educate and onboard institutional capital, and how DeFi can facilitate mass adoption.

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